to screwup, err or otherwise generally break something, generally due to ignorance. To make something FUBAR
Did Steve mush my dirtbike? The wheel is bent.
by sovietwigglything June 18, 2012
Top Definition
An old Romany word, meaning "my good friend".
"All right, mush?" Has become old-fashioned. 'Mate' has taken its place.
by Patsy Parker March 26, 2004
The act of placing one's hand on another person's face and pushing the person backwards.
The brotha' stepped to me, so I mushed him.
by MHC May 26, 2003
Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
pron. moosh

This word derived from a Romany word.

Commonly used to replace the word "mate".

Despite the negative connotations this word has attracted in more recent times, this is historically a general term used in the Portsmouth dialect. It is in no way chavvy, save for the fact that most of the real Pomponians left in Portsmouth these days pretty much are chavs.

A more endearing term is "mushty" or "mushdy", often rhymed with "cushdy", which expresses more of a friendly level of acquaintance.
Mush, you got a ciggy?

Mate, did you see them mushes Jonno knocked spark out last night?

Cushdy mushdy, thanks for paying me bail.
by Harry Pomponian May 10, 2010
a.1.) term of endearment

a.2.) person who is sentimental or affectionate

b.1.) to strongly go at a loved one sexually
a.1.) I knew Sarah had Alex by the balls when I heard him say, "I love you mush."

a.2.) That chick flick was made for a mush.

b.1.) Gotta go. This girl texted me saying that she's super horny and wants to mush me.
by soilli12 May 16, 2010
Slang term meaning the face
Oooh, he took that punch right in the mush!
by BigMark006 April 24, 2007
Someone who is from the lake in Newton. Or if they aren't from the Lake then its someone who is "italian" and say that they are italian and try to act italian but really the last actually italian relative to actually be from Italy in there family is 100's of generations ago. They usually have big families, because they are italian right? Haha no they aren't
"Dude that mush is so annoying, does he/she even speak italian?"

"No shes/hes not actually italian hes/shes a mush!"
by birdy134 June 15, 2009

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