Miranda and Julie want to be's, people who wear to much foundation ( cake face), flat chested, and people who dont make out.
Rebecca, you are such a mush!!
by maria and deidre November 13, 2009
The collective act of publicly hating Jodie Marsh. World wide 1000 members Jodie Mush will find their website.
Members of Mush are Mushers On the site the word mush is substituted for the word "much" and JELLUS for jealous

Who isn’t she?
Famous celebrity, popular television personality, tabloid wet dream, lads’ mags’ cover-girl, best-selling author, bit-part actress, glamour model, outspoken animal rights campaigner, philanthropist, outrageous fashion provocateur, victim, bully, hypocrite, f*ck-puppet to the stars, and so mush more…

She also wore three belts as an outfit once
Now married to catalogue model Matt Peacock in a staged "Live" wedding (NOT)
filmed by MTV just to take the p***s.
Their slogan is Mushers of the World Unite.
Mush...with Pride.

That was a label applied to us rather than one of our choosing; mush in the same way Jodie is sometimes called a “slapper”. Some of us consider themselves “haters” while others prefer the term “anti-fan”. One thing everybody agrees on: we are all Mushers!
by MushWithPride September 18, 2007
Pronounced "moosh"

A word used mainly by school students to warn of approaching teachers/authority figures. More effictive that saying "Shhhh" or "Shut-up, teacher", which tends to raise supsicion.

Used to hault a potentially punishable verbal tirade, or merely to instill caution.
Student 1: My God, that new guy is such a goddamn cun-
Student 2: Mush!
Student 1: Good Afternoon, sir...
by toowoooooooomba September 10, 2007
past tense- mushed
verb- to push someone into a snowbank with no reason or cause.
Dude I just mushed jeff while he was walking to school, what a nub.
by Drew Adams March 31, 2005
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