Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
auto correct for "muah". When you intend to say "muah" to someone but your smart phone will auto correct it to mush
guy: goodnight! mush!
girl: mush?
guy: i meant muah!
by baby princess 15 August 29, 2011
Short for mushroom; an unpleasant situation which depresses you for the next few weeks or months and slowly turns you into a mushroom.
1. Fuck this year im working with RJ and her hairy chest, my life's gonna turn to mush by the end of summer.
by jimi_19 June 26, 2011
the circumcised head of a male penis. hilarious because it looks like a mushroom
Andrew: I just shaved my pubic hair and now my mush stands out!
by bilnij November 10, 2010
The act of driving feces down the drain of the shower with ones foot.
We call him mush because dave is always dropping loads in the showers and Mushing them down the drain.
by They call me Chumlee October 11, 2010
Mush is the term created by Gregory Hilary used to tell someone to 'go'.

Eg. Let's mush Roll go
Ok let's mush
by G Hilary August 01, 2010
Slang for psilocybin mushrooms.
He's trippin' balls on some mush!
by iGotItOnTehLow June 13, 2010
to dig into someone one affectionately and / or lovingly
emmy mushed into my neck because she loves to be pressed against me
by mushietums June 05, 2010

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