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Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
A Yankee townie. A Boston-area/New England version of a redneck.
Can be used by mushes as a term of endearment, like "bro." Also known as a "divya," which is an expression used by mushes to mean "awesome." "Divya, mush!" means "Awesome, dude!"
Matt Damon's character in "Good Will Hunting" is a mush.
"What's up, mush?"
"Nuthin' much, Ralphie. Just drinkin' these Millahs."
"Divya, mush!"
by GullibleZine February 02, 2006
MUSH stands for Mulit-User-Shared-Hallucination. It uses a very strange, psuedo-programming language, and is used by nerds to RP on regularly, often early into the morning.
Object created #31356: Homey
Jace's activities for the day: sex #-1 ARGUMENTS MUST BE POSITIVE INTEGERS, sleep 3, eat 6
by Bobman June 08, 2004
Super handsome brown kid. Would love to cover him in whipped cream and lick him all over. Has the sexiest voice. and the most incredibly piercing eyes. In short, he's a stud. I want him to have my babies.
Mush is soooo damnnn hott!!!
by xoxooxo January 19, 2013
the push someones face away in a violent way
Mike mushed annies face into a pile of shit, while eva laughed.
by wom-bomb October 30, 2011
A female's vagina.
"I hear that chick's got a stanky mush."

by mushmasta September 14, 2011
Short for mushroom; an unpleasant situation which depresses you for the next few weeks or months and slowly turns you into a mushroom.
1. Fuck this year im working with RJ and her hairy chest, my life's gonna turn to mush by the end of summer.
by jimi_19 June 26, 2011
Weed, to smoke weed.
Aye my nigka were gunna go mush yu in?
by PoislNigka12 February 05, 2011