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Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
360 267
a.1.) term of endearment

a.2.) person who is sentimental or affectionate

b.1.) to strongly go at a loved one sexually
a.1.) I knew Sarah had Alex by the balls when I heard him say, "I love you mush."

a.2.) That chick flick was made for a mush.

b.1.) Gotta go. This girl texted me saying that she's super horny and wants to mush me.
by soilli12 May 16, 2010
48 48
Greeting term used by Romany Gypsies for fellow travellers.
used alot by wannabe gypsies.
"How you doin mush?"
by thomgael August 09, 2003
60 60
A Person Who Brings Bad Luck
Don't Let Jay Pick A Horse He's A Mush
by Sabe 1 January 28, 2005
177 178
Multi User Shared Hallucination. An old school online role playing (RPing) game.
Macross MUSH, Eat Tokyo MUSH, Masterforce MUSH
by Hellbunny March 19, 2003
35 36
puppy shit
that kid looks like a pile of mush
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
5 6
Used when someone is feeling lazy. They dont really feel like doing anything except eating some cheezos, watching cartoons and having a drink to themselves. There is very little brain stimulation during this period.
After that crazy day yesterday all I'm going to do today is mush out.
by cambali October 04, 2012
3 5
auto correct for "muah". When you intend to say "muah" to someone but your smart phone will auto correct it to mush
guy: goodnight! mush!
girl: mush?
guy: i meant muah!
by baby princess 15 August 29, 2011
6 9