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Alex Perrault aka MusclesGlasses, is a Canadian personal trainer who makes regular appearances in the famous YouTube food channel "Epic Meal Time". He intermittently makes his presence ascertainable in each episode with reflective aviator sunglasses, a grey shirt and jeans, and devours whatever's on his plate (usually bacon + an abundance of deep-fried meat + copious amounts of alcohol and anything you can think of that's probably deep-fried too), most likely after a workout. What a BOSS.
- Muscles Glasses always clogs the toilet, even when he pisses.
- Muscles Glasses stays at the gym until it closes, its a 24hrs gym.
- Muscles Glasses can speak fluent russian, in german.
- Muscles Glasses runs until the treadmill is tired.
- Muscles Glasses tries not to look at his own arms, his arms touch his face.

by Your_Real_Name_ June 01, 2011
Oh Muscles Glasses, where do we begin? He's the muscley French-Canadian guy off Epic Meal Time! That sexy man will eat anything. And I like to watch.
Me: I only watch EMT to watch Muscles Glasses eat. It's a turn on.
by lindseyyyywhatwhat August 09, 2011

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