lowering of your balls into another person's mouth while they make the choke/gargling sounds mimicking that of the Murloc from WOW (World of Warcraft).
Dude, Tori is going to totally MURLOC me tonight!
by Sam Blak January 23, 2007
Top Definition
A humanoid fishy from the game World of Warcraft
And the murloc says Grrrghllrghr!
by Nomad June 21, 2005
A humanoid fish creature from World of Warcraft that is extremely annoying for the following reasons:

-You can never fight just a single murloc.
-They chase you forever.
-They repeatedly scream 'BRAWLARWLLARLAWRL!" when they chase you.
-Almost all of them either cast or throw spears.
-They are in almost every beginning area...somewhere. Except for dun morogh and durotar (I think).
-They almost always wind up killing you at some point.
-They run like drunken collegues chasing after a naked sorority girl.
-They can keep up with your swimming.
-Out of all humanoids, they very commonly seem to dismount you quickly.
-They always drop fish oil, shiny fish scales, or murloc eyes; all are useless bag-space wasters unless you're an alchemist or shaman.

They are also the focus of an extremely annoying in-game fad that involves multiple users discussing murlocs and substituting their names into stories/movies/games/comics/etc. for hours (and sometimes days) on end. Examples:

-Dawn of the Murloc.
-Star Wars: The Murloc Strikes Back
-Big Murloc's House
-The Lord of the Murloc
-300 Murlocs
-Murloc Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
-The Legend of Murloc: The Ocarina of Time
-Murloc MD (a reference to the Fox show,'House MD')
-Night Shift Murlocs
-When Harry met Murloc
-Chasing Murloc
-Super Murloc Bros.
"Gar, damn those Murlocs! They always spawn on top of me!"

Tom: "Hey Bob, there's a chest ahead."
Bob: "Alright, lets go loot it."
*Tom and Bob are killed by 10 suddenly-spawned murlocs*
by Stiffofdeth November 30, 2007
Probably one of thee most annoying enemies in the World of Warcraft MMORPG. When you hear one 4 more pop out of nowhere.
"So Base how was your day" Base replies "Terrible, I spent about an hour in the graveyard because the damn murlocs kept chasing me through my quest."
by ChaoticLeaf July 29, 2007
Verb indicating a flustered, ridiculous demeanor similar to murlocs of World of Warcraft. Involves yelling, profanity, and a bobbing movement that may involve the flopping of hair or scales on the head.
The young boy disturbed everyone in the room when he became irate and murloced.
by Roy P April 16, 2007
A 1337 character from WoW that can become a pet.
"AHHH a murloc is after us! Use divine intervention!"
by Murloc* April 24, 2006
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