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Verb, singular. onomatopoeia. The sound made by someone speaking in a muffled or blurred manner.
John said "murfle murfle murfle Haven." I'm not sure what he meant.

Example 2:
John said "murfle murfle murfle the kids." I think we're going to Wal-Mart.
by Atayodea Mi August 16, 2010
A racial slur for a Hawaiian
You know that kid, Dylan Kaapuniokaleiokamoku? Yea he's a dirty murfle
by foxy Roxie January 04, 2010
The sound produced by Davan's 25 year old hairless, boneless cat 'choo-choo bear' in the web comic Something positive.
murr, murr, murfle, murr
by mesh December 11, 2004
Action taken by a site admin to remove or otherwise hide a post deemed inappropriate. Not necessarily the same as cancel.
You know you can't post links to that site- do you want Troy to murfle you?
by Tim (Smith) April 11, 2007
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