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To be extremely intoxicated, especially when very drunk or very stoned.
"Man, I am murfed right now."

"We got so murfed last night, we didn't know what was going on."
by Kid Kitten January 31, 2009
The act of using alcohol and/or other drugs to get a female (or in some cases a male) very, very drunk. Then getting them into a room alone, with their pants off, ready to have sex- and not having sex with them.
dude: Hey Mark what did u do last night?

other dude: i dont wanna talk about it.

dude: oh come on what happened

other dude: fine! i murfed a girl okay!
by ijustwreckedyou1423 May 09, 2011
It is the act of putting your mouth over someones nose, then blowing. Usually, it is a joke, or prank, on someone when they think you are going to make out with them.
I thought you were going to make out with me, and then you just murfed me! That was awful!
by Bretford January 25, 2011
to be winning, and or beating the shit outta some one or thing
TOSH-DAMNNNNN...we got murfed on in the game last night!
by JAAMALL April 21, 2006

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