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To suddenly expel large quantities of purely liquid poop. Makes the murf sound as it suddenly hits the water in the toilet.
Man, that burrito gave me some hardcore murf.
by eflatus September 16, 2009
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alternative to wedgie
I have a gnarly murf brah.
by zzyzxxzyzz August 27, 2010
the sound a cat makes when a person:
sodomizes a cat
has sexual relations with a cat

or attempts to have sexual relations with a cat

Boy: "I have so much love to give"
Cat: "Murf.."


Jim: wow did David just do that
Keaton: yeah i saw it happen, he was humping his cat.
by Mr. Murf November 25, 2009
this word origination on the islad of maui in hawaii, and usally the outer islands dont know what it means or use it. the real definition of murf is a really tick (thick) person, or someone that can beat the shizniz out of you.
ho look at dat murf fuka
by jahandy January 05, 2008
To vomit
by MURF MAN February 24, 2009
The way someone talks when they are too drunk to form real words or complete sentences.
Karen: "Did you talk to Joe last night?"
Heather: "I tried, but I don't think he could understand what I was saying. I murfed."
by Kellieeeeeee September 11, 2009
A response to an intentionally funny comment or action that in reality is extremely stupid and recieves no laughs.
Smitty: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Adam: i don't know smitty, why?
Smitty: to get to the other side!
Adam: .... MURF!!!!
by gateway! June 06, 2009

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