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A derogatory term describing an un-savvy computer users view of what a computer is.
Why my magic toaster no come on? I plug in, but no toast.
by eflatus August 08, 2009
To poop while running
When I have to poop on a marathon, I take a dump run
by eflatus August 05, 2009
To suddenly expel large quantities of purely liquid poop. Makes the murf sound as it suddenly hits the water in the toilet.
Man, that burrito gave me some hardcore murf.
by eflatus September 16, 2009
To have ones head farted on in epic and hilarious fashion.
That was hilarious. Dude, he farted on your head so hard he almost crapped. You got so Feldered.
by eflatus September 16, 2009
Hobo for Mister.
Ewe gott shum chaynge mishter?
by Eflatus December 31, 2012

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