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pure, and awesome
She is Muneeza.
by pumpkin786 July 06, 2009
14 4
Muneeza's are beautiful, cool and very smart. You will get butterflies when you see Muneeza. They are some of the worlds best organisers and would be lost without their to do list. Muneeza's are also very social animals and you will often find them in coffee shops having great conversations with friends, or dancing like there's no tomorrow at 3am! In short Muneeza'a are Awesome Social Ninjas. If you don't know Muneeza you need to go find one!
Have you seen Muneeza? OMG I think I'm in heaven!
by JAMA October 18, 2013
2 0
Sexiest woman alive.
Damn, shes Muneeza!
by Ron Rillond October 23, 2011
2 1