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When you hit a really stupid person in the head, the only thing that comes out is Mummy Dust.
I hit Vicky in the head and the only thing that came out was Mummy Dust!
by Kinser9 July 21, 2004
Mummy Dust – a slang term referring to components, ingredients, or accessories that manufacturers add to their products to enhance them, but which have no useful, or scientific basis for inclusion.
Vitamins added to shampoo are just mummy dust.
#snake oil #superfluosity #fluff #filler #pap
by Joanne King October 05, 2006
Mummy dust is things that have happened in the past. They're history, old news. Things that people won't let go. When old people talk about "well back in my day." Or people who are always bringing up stories from high school. Shit's mummy dust.
"Corey Colteaux is always talking about high school, always bringing up mummy dust."

E-40 Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift (Everyday is a Weekend) lyrics -
"saw some suckaz I don't trust (what they do)/
got to bringin' up old mummy dust/
pullin' up the past/
talkin' loud like a big mouth bass"
#mummy #mummydust #mummy dust #bullshit #garbage
by SteveEP November 08, 2010
Really terrible dried up dry and brown that not only will you most likely not get high, but you will most likely get sick (if you don't get sick from smoking it, you will get sick from the sight of it). Stoners know that you go to great lengths to smoke, and will smoke almost anything, but mummy dust is just so bad and not worth it. By the time you light the blunt, the weed has already disappeared.
Guy 1- "Yo man you got any of that weed left?"
Guy 2- "Yea i got like an 1/8th of mummy dust left"
Guy 1- "Fuck that man I don't wanna get high anymore"
#weed #marijuana #pot #dry weed #bad high
by Smoke Trees Everyday November 08, 2009
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