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One who possesses a multitude of different attributes resembling the term "hipster", which is too mainstream. Multitudes are easily spottable and must be designated by other multitudes, they cannot decide themselves to be multitudes. Qualities that can determine this stereotype may be style of dress, way of speaking, creativity, level of knowledge, musical interest, political views, or lifestyle choices. Being a multitude is a privilege, and an honor.
"Look what he is wearing, he is such a multitude."
by thebart October 18, 2011
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Many of.
Anything...definitely more than five.
"Ah ha look! a mulititude of ducks!"
by Skye April 21, 2004
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when someone is giving you multiple attitudes
Man! Julie's giving me multitudes, I don't know what her problem is today!
by Pookie James July 17, 2008
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