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First generation texting software.
Very annoying, because you have to click the buttons really a lot. e.g. 3 times the 2 for a C, 2 times the 3 for an E.
T9 makes texting a lot easier, although a lot of people turn off their T9 and use Multi-tap all the time.

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A: My phone is giving me all these funny words!!

B: Go back to Multi-tap then, you big nerd.
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
A 4 port Controller for Playstation 1 or 2 with those memory slots in it. other than that its usually a retarded kid at a game store who complains.
Paul:I am not a multitap just because i'm a pain in the ass!
by Networkingyuppy August 05, 2005
Noun. A polygamous relationship, generally within the same circle of friends.

Verb. To be involved in a multitap.
I always thought that Curtis and Lauren were pretty conservative, but it turns out they've been multitapping with their roommates for years.
by z-flo April 23, 2009
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