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A phenomena in which everyone on the ski lift has a flask of booze and shares it with the rest of the chair.
G: Dude, why is your bloody leg bone sticking out of your ski pants like that?
B: No idea dude, it might have been the multi-flasking I indulged in prior to the bunny hill.
by Bryan Gilbreath February 25, 2009
when a person mixes drinks that don't belong together because he's trying to start a fad
person 1: vodka tastes great with soy milk
person 2: stop multiflasking, that's disgusting
by dan trainor March 19, 2007
Bringing multiple flasks to an event where one just won't do.
Got two flasks bro. Two flasks.
Ahh. Multi-flasking. I like it.
by McFALLONohhhya June 18, 2011