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It's when you have many different personalities. People with the disorder usally name there persionalities. For example one day you can be the happiest person in the world for example I'll use the name Megan but the next day you can be the meaniest person you have ever seen for example Raven.

Some people with the disoreder NOT ALL OF THEM can actually make up people in their lives. No not making them up to seem popular, there mind thinks they need another person to fit with you and it creates a whole other life for a peron. For the person with the disorder the people they make up can seem as real as a human would be but for an ordinary person it's like your watching your friend play with and imagionary friend.

People with the diease are usally called Insane but there not. They can't help it, it's all in there minds. The disease is not contejaus and can not be pred through human contact. It's more of a disorder than a disease
Mulitple Personality Disorder or Multi Personality Disorder
by I'm your nightmare March 05, 2012
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