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being so drunk that you take off your pants and then throw up into them
Dick: Dude! Jim straight up pulled a mullen last night cuz he thought his pants were a garbage can!

Sally: Party!
by The person its named after May 03, 2006
A Mullen is a kid who says random funny things that everybody laughs at.
Tom - omg that new kid came in our class today for a look around, He looks like a Mullen Haha
Jenny - Yeah i hope he joins the school we need to have a funny kid in our class
by TomHouston September 25, 2011
1. Used in the saying "Don't Mullens Yourself", meaning not to overly stress out, flip out or "mess" oneself up.

2. "Do The Mullens" - pop your collar, strike a Japanese/Myspace-style backwards peace sign pose, pout and tip your hat (if wearing one) while smoothing your fringe with your free hand. Kind of like the new "Do The Bartman."

3. To ejaculate into someone's eye.
Guy 2: Dude...Don't Mullens Yourself.

2. (while photo is being taken)
(all simultaneously pop collars if wearing them, pout girlishly, and strike Myspace-style poses.)
(on a freakishly cold day)
"Shit, it's cold. I'm doing a Mullens." (pops up collar to prevent neck getting cold.)

3. (person gets shampoo squirted in their eye)
Person 1: "OWW! I think I just got Mullensed by that shampoo!"
Person 2: "Shit, that's gotta hurt."
Guy 1: "Man that chick is so fly."
Guy 2: "Would you Mullens her?"
by poppin' mine November 24, 2009
When something is awful.
"No Jerry, we shouldn't eat at that place. It's so mullens!"
by ritnecrowin October 18, 2011
When you don't like to wipe your ass to the point where it gets so nasty, you get a big (the record is 2.5 feet..ish) ass skid mark, "poo streak", on someones bed or in the witnessed event, a mattress cover!
dood, do you like skid marks? wipe your ass or you're going to get a big Mullens on your bed!!!
by BEEF!!! May 20, 2008
Noun: The very definition of 'Sex'

Verb: To make a sexual innuendo
He just pulled a Mullen!
by likeasomboooouodeeeeeiiii April 10, 2011
(n.) Trying to get with a girl only to:
- be interrupted 3 times by your roommates,

- finally get the condom on, get it in her, find out there's a hole in it

- trying to to tell her about the hole, only to realize she's deaf, and

- ultimately, failing to get off.

(adj.) to describe such a terrible event.
(n.) He pulled a mullen last night. What a retard.

(adj.) Shit, man, last night was a real mullen moment.
by TastelessShoes November 30, 2009
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