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Although not officially recognized as a drug plant, mullein -- once thought to be a remedy for leprosy -- contains a mild narcotic and has been commonly used for home remedies such as a tea, from the leaves, for catarrh or as a sedative. People with asthma are said to find relief by inhaling smoke from the dried leaves. Smokes well in a tobacco pipe or rolled into a cigarette. Very smooth and tasty smoke.
That was some ultra-dank Mullein we just smoked.
Yeah, that verb was bangin'.
by John Francis Lindsey April 17, 2006
The shit that is the chronic. An alternative, healing, smooth, smokable herb found in nutrient-poor or recently disturbed soil.
Oh shiiit man, you gon' smoke dat mullein shit man, shiiiiiit. Hell yeee dat mullein be better den dat chronic shit man shiiiiiit.
by Carth Mandar April 16, 2006