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Someone in Ireland from the South of Ireland / Munster.

The accent spoken in this part of Ireland is very fast,
and its very hard to understand what anyone sayes.

Even the Irish find it hard to understand them.
Especially in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford.

The origin of the term is that, Mulldoon is a very Common
Surname in that part of Ireland.
There are 6 Irish Accents (in Slang)

- Dubs (Persons from Dublin)
- Culchies (Persons from the West of Ireland / Connacht)
- Mulldoons (Persons from the South of Ireland / Munster)
- Boggers (Persons from Mid and South Leinster
- Mullaghs (Persons from North Leinster, & Border Counties)
- Nordies (Persons Northern Ireland / Ulster)
by Bernard Molloy June 23, 2006
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