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A town in Polk County, FL. Know for those cheerleader beating up that girl and putting it on YouTube. Sucky football team and anyone that went to college there went to PSC. Attractions are the Mulberry Mall(aka Walmart) and phosphate hills. There is nothing to do so every one goes to the mud hole or sits at home. Everyone wants to leave there, but they never do.
Guy 1: Man, where are you from?

Guy 2: I live in Mulberry...

Guy 1: ...I don't think we can hang out anymore...
by lilcountrygirlfl June 22, 2011
attempting to walk home drunk, but instead circling the block, ending up at your original starting point.
Josh and I tried to be responsible and walk home from the bar instead of driving, but instead we ended up pulling a mulberry back to the bar.
by MikeyJingles November 26, 2011
Wanking someone off into a handbag!
She's just ruined her Christmas present by giving him a mulberry...
by Ps1g April 11, 2016
A person who has a large red, visible birthmark on his or her body.
Justin has a giant red blob on his arm(a birthmark) so Swig says "hey Mulberry" instead of "hey justin"
by Captin awesome5 October 23, 2006
a euphemism (i cant spell) for the word shit...originated by steven matthew downs in 2004...when he realized that in Kobe Bryant's NBA courtside, the crowd sometimes yells AWWWW MULBERRY!!! (this is probably not true)
"fuckin mulberry, that noob killed me"
(hits brett in back of head) "Oh Mulberry"
by Butthole Pleasures December 20, 2006

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