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Mukked Out is refering to extremely Alaska Native people who have snaggle tooth and hatchet face. These people take no care in their appearance, rarely shower, and are usually missing teeth. A lot of times you will see them outside a liquor store (still hammered from the night before) at 7am waiting for the liquor store to open so the can pay for a forty with nickels and dimes that most likely are stored in a spare dirty sock. The only times these people will ever have sex with someone who isn't also Mukked Out is when the other person is extremely intoxicated and had no one babysit them in their drunken stupor. Mukked Out people have no problems taking advantage of a poor unsuspecting soul and if you ever wake up next to a person of this nature run away and tell no one, because if people know this dirty secret they will never look at you the same and you will forever be thought of as disgusting.
I can't drink any more, because that Mukked Out guy is looking at me like a piece of meat and I'm scared for my vagina!
by mmm...hmmm July 31, 2011
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