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verb (passive): to be smothered by a woman's muff in an unpleasant or aggressive manner (NB: usually ref.s to the muff of an obese woman)
"What happened to Chris last night?"
"Oh, dude, he was wasted at the bar and got picked up by this minging fat bitch!"
"Oh man, is he a plumper humper?"
"No dude, I bet she totally muffled him."
by Isaac Newton's Grundle April 06, 2009
When one female block's another female's access to a male: i.e. the female equivalent of cock block.
I was flirting with Dan when I was muffled by Stacy. Fucking bitch!
by Lou Renzo January 27, 2008
also know as a one hiter quiter to be hit once and instantly hit the ground from a punch or vicious kick or even a blunt object.
He Keep messin wit me and imma muffled his ass!
by Youngbleeze September 26, 2006
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