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A disease that is caused by consuming too many muffins, it is now most common among high-schoolers who eat muffins as a quick and easy meal. Once an excessive ammount of muffins has been consumed, dependency eventually becomes the disease Muffinitus. Once Muffinitus is contracted, it is necessary to think of muffins on a regular basis and consume at least 2 per week. If you don't, the following things can and probably will happen.
1. Withdrawl symptoms
2. Hunger
3. Death.
Gibson-"So how about, since I've been eating muffins like every day, I developed Muffinitus. Now I have to get Muffin extract injected through an IV constantly!"
Lorelie"Oh wow, that's bitchin'"
by Brandon Burch, PH.D June 02, 2007

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