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The act of buffin' the female muffin, most often in reference to a chick whose muffin you should not be buffin. Though, not always. Buffin' should have an apostrophe to signify the absence of the letter G.
Having sex and reaching climax, with a chick.
Polishing the poonanny.
Could also refer to cunnilingus.
Cannot in any way refer to sex between gay men, as they have no muffin to buff.
Can refer to lesbian sex, as they are both well-stocked.
Holy shit! I just saw two chicks neck-deep, muffin buffin' each other!
It's easy for a girl to determine you've been muffin buffin' with somebody when you give her VD for Valentine's Day.

by Venus, The Last N.A.P. February 15, 2009
The act of female masturbation.
While her husband was in France, Mrs.Logan-Price frequently engaged in muffin buffin'.
by Professor Hyram Blitz May 13, 2006
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