anyone with hair on their head the resembles a muff

usually chubby too
man look at that muff head go!
by chimpy pete January 31, 2007
Top Definition
Any person that frequently muffdive (s), or dives into the muff of women.

Someone who frequents a muff.

Muffheads may be male or female.
"Damien has slept with hundreds of women...he's such a muffhead!"

"Cary wants to be a muffhead, but he can't get any muff. lol"
by I♥muffs July 05, 2009
hair on ones head that resembles pubic hair. very curly and thick, almost always black in color. found mostly in jewish people. although muff heads can be very annoying they are cooler than people with orange or red hair because they are relaxed and calm and people with orange or red hair are uptight with flaming tempers.
john: dude look at that dirty muff head.

dylan: yea, his head looks like my gf's bush!

john: yea! my moms looks like that too

dylan: how do u know?

john: um nvm. ur gf has a bush? she didnt have one when i pumped her last night.

*extremely awkward silence*
by asdf1234567 June 01, 2009
When a person with a shaved head or is bald, rests their head under a hairy snatch, they are dubbed "Muff Head"
Phil: My head is so cold!

Susie: Well, i guess you can put it under my hairy vag.

Phil: Really!? Thanks, I've never been Muff Headed before!
by Cock Monsta gonna eat chu! September 27, 2009
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