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A tattoo of Mufasa near a chick's muff to make her pubic hair resemble The lion king's mane.
Babe "So I was thinking about becoming a tattoo artist"
Dude "Oh thats sounds cool!"
Babe "..you DO know that means I'll be getting covered in tats right?"
Dude "as long as I'm not going to be going down on Muffasa's mane then it's alright"
by Alymae April 28, 2013
Used to describe any object, person, event, fashion or situation that is unbecoming, disagreeable, unpleasant, or just plain ugly.
Laural: Dude, did you see that new Ben Affleck movie?
Neal: Ugh, it was so muffasa style.
Laural: Yeah, he looked wicked muffasa.
Neal: So muffasa.
by Kim December 08, 2003