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Lesbian oral sex
Me and my horny girlfriend go muffdiving to kill the time
by Craven Morhead May 31, 2003
To orally please a wordMuff
To eat out a hairy pussy
Man! I went muff divingthe other day and the dentist said he was glad i'd started flossing again!
by PurpleCowMan April 06, 2002
(1) A very popular pasttime - eating pussy.
(2) (gerund) To be in a state of giving a woman oral sex.
"Forget the bar scene," Julie said. "Let's go to my place for some muffdiving."
by Robert E. Porter January 20, 2006
To Orally please a woman.
Nick went muff diving last night. Wheeeee!
by Bob Dole November 11, 2002
To eat out a pussy that hasn't been shaved.
Garrett wanted to go muff diving into fur burgers, but he couldn't find any meat.
by Ana Elena September 28, 2005
the act of licking a females gential area usually one more than one female at a time
hey John my my girl wants me to go muffdiving on her and her room mates!
the art of pleasuring a woman with excess vagina fat that is stored in the abdomen, but still looks bangin.
bro, i was just muff-diving the shit out of your mom until your dad walked in and showed me up
by SugarRay July 10, 2007