the act of licking a females gential area usually one more than one female at a time
hey John my my girl wants me to go muffdiving on her and her room mates!
Top Definition
To orally please a wordMuff
To eat out a hairy pussy
Man! I went muff divingthe other day and the dentist said he was glad i'd started flossing again!
by PurpleCowMan April 06, 2002
(1) A very popular pasttime - eating pussy.
(2) (gerund) To be in a state of giving a woman oral sex.
"Forget the bar scene," Julie said. "Let's go to my place for some muffdiving."
by Robert E. Porter January 20, 2006
To Orally please a woman.
Nick went muff diving last night. Wheeeee!
by Bob Dole November 11, 2002
To eat out a pussy that hasn't been shaved.
Garrett wanted to go muff diving into fur burgers, but he couldn't find any meat.
by Ana Elena September 28, 2005
Lesbian oral sex
Me and my horny girlfriend go muffdiving to kill the time
by Craven Morhead May 31, 2003
Eating out a pussy
I went muff-diving last night and her pussy was so good that I fucked it and went muff-diving again.
by Blazing-Toker August 24, 2015
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