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Any sort of unpleasantness going on in the muff (vagina)
Normal person: Would you please have a seat
Jersey person: WHAT?!!! Fuck you! Nobody tells me what to do! You're nothing but a piece of muff cabbage!!
Normal person: What's muff cabbage?
Jersey person: It's a Jersey thing.
by JerseyShore7779950 October 15, 2010
"MUFF GARBAGE," but when spoken with a thick Jersey accent it sounds like "Muff Cabbage."

Muff Garbage (or Muff Cabbage) is a term invented by the creators of the television show South Park and had no prior usage before the Oct.14, 2010 airing of the South Park episode "It's a Jersey Thing."
I'm a 14 year-old moron who is addicted to South Park, so I'm gonna start saying Muff Cabbage all the time.
by eyeballish October 16, 2010
(as heard on South Park) an unsightly looking vagina, by conventional standards, encompassed by: 1) oversized inner labia that is overgrown and wrinkly, resembling large cabbage leaves, and 2) an unkempt/untrimmed bush.
She had a bad case of muff cabbage, but since she got waxed now she only has some crazy roast beef curtains.
by MHG13 October 16, 2010
A term coined by South Park used by people from Jersey. Typically used as an insult.
You are Muff Cabbage. There is fucking cabbage, in your muff.
What does that even mean?
It's a Jersey thing.
by letsgoducks October 15, 2010
Disgusting sour feminine odor, originating from New Jersey. Can possibly be cured by using Vagisil very diligently every day. EVERY DAY.
omg, Pauly-D told me he didn't close the deal with Snooki because of her rotten muff cabbage
by Mrs. Crabtree October 15, 2010
A term from the latest south park episode, "It's a Jersey Thing". It basically means vagina. Pussy.

But, don't expect it to make sense. It's... it's a jersey thing.
Her muff cabbage smells like rotting fish...
by CosmicEggplant October 15, 2010
untamed hairy vagina
Your so gawbage. Ya freeken muff cabbage.
by TheTruthIsGreat October 14, 2010