n 1. Loose hanging labia (minora). Used as an insult. Allegedly, a result of having multiple partners.

n. 2. A used woman; floozy
I opened her lips, but couldn't find the hole. All I could see was her muff cabbage blowing in the breeze!
by SouthPark101 October 16, 2010
1. Any unpleasantness (odor, hair, pimples, etc) in a woman's vaginal area. Comes from the words cabbage and muff.
2. Somebody who's being a douchebag.
1. You're garbage! You've got cabbage in your f**king muff! (South Park Jersey Shore episode)
2. That guy just cut me off! He's such a muff cabbage!
3. I was at the bar last night, and the girl I was trying to get with all night ended up hooking up with some other guy. I hope she has real bad muff cabbage.
by sup69xoxo October 15, 2010
Disgusting sour feminine odor, originating from New Jersey. Can possibly be cured by using Vagisil very diligently every day. EVERY DAY.
omg, Pauly-D told me he didn't close the deal with Snooki because of her rotten muff cabbage
by Mrs. Crabtree October 15, 2010
Type of vagina that smells like cabbage and a assortment of "meat flaps" petruding from the clitoris. Usually found in jersey girls
That chick I fucked last night had mad muff cabbage!
by Zzkconncar October 15, 2010
A term from the latest south park episode, "It's a Jersey Thing". It basically means vagina. Pussy.

But, don't expect it to make sense. It's... it's a jersey thing.
Her muff cabbage smells like rotting fish...
by CosmicEggplant October 15, 2010
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