(muff gar-bage) NOUN

Vulgar term for a woman's horribly overused, flappy, gaping, pungent, bacterial-vaginosis infested vagina.

Instead of saying "muff garbage", clowns from New Jersey sound like they're saying "muff cabbage" because of their ridiculous accent. Coined by a recent episode of South Park entitled "It's a Jersey Thing" in which they make a parody of the useless wastes of life who appear in the show "Jersey Shore" Which should never be watched by anyone. Ever.

"Mom, Dad.. What is MUFF CABBAGE?"
by robin steele October 19, 2010
A nasty jersey vagina. It's a jersey thing
Check out snooki's muff cabbage
by keghouseumn October 13, 2010
it's a jersey thing.
that bitch has gnarly muff cabbage.
by frosted_butts October 15, 2010
According to southpark....
It's a jersey thing.
It's an insult and depending on context it could mean a vagina, slut, hore, trash , trashy hore
You f***ing muffcabbage!
by jksp October 13, 2010
Nasty pussy; can be stinky but usually well shaved. As legend goes at one point it was probably a delicious vagina but overuse caused it to become a mess; a vagina that cannot be licked much less fucked. A total waste of pussy.
Mickey fucked that sexy pussy until it became muff cabbage.

Brian worked that Asian pussy until it became wonton muff cabbage.
by RU Nicholas 107 October 13, 2010
An insult, made up by the people of New Jersey. It is calling you a dirty vagina. A muff is a vagina and cabbage is..cabbage. Therefore, it is either a dirty vagina or a vagina with cabbage in it.
You've got cabbage in your muff you muffcabbage!
by Rxmcr December 12, 2010
A misinterpretation of the word "garbage" in ones vagina used by people from New Jersey. Made popular from South Park
Kyle: Youre Muff Cabbage, you got cabbage in your muff!
its a jersey thing
by TheAuthor October 15, 2010
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