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A girl with a muff that shares resemblance to a bag
Person 1- I'll tell you what mate, last night i ragged that girls

brains out! I really stetched her wide!

Person 2- NICE! Just like a kfc bucket!

Person1- No, like a muff bag!
by fishcake12345 December 15, 2009
2 17
1. n.- A woman's handbag and a hand muff combined.

2. n.- A homemade sex doll typically made in prison.
1. Susan was delighted to find twenty dollars in her muff bag that she had forgotten about last winter.

2. Robert always bragged to his crew about his girlfriend Susan, but that crazy fucker was just referring to his muff bag.
by srln August 07, 2009
43 24
An improvised device used by prisoners for self stimulation. Usually consists of water filled containment devices.
Big joe went looking for his goof after he lost his muffbag.
by chrontact May 26, 2010
4 3
1. A bag of muff.
2. Bryan F.
3. Reffering to muff-monger.
Bryan:Ur a pussy
Me: Shut up muff bag
by Con-Artist March 09, 2005
5 13
very small skimpy panties/thongs
That's a hot little muff bag she has on!
by yachtdog November 27, 2008
6 25