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4 definitions by fishcake12345

When one uses one's fingers to bash a pie, tart , jelly , vagina, or any other squishy slimey object.
Girl- ' oi jim ! What the hell are you doing to my flan!'
Jim- ' oh . . i'm just fingerbashing it?'
Girl- ' why?'
Jim- 'It feels good . . . do you want to fingerbash you? '
Girl- ' Sure'
by fishcake12345 December 15, 2009
A ginger child, usally on the wide side, with a high pitched voice.
' Wow look at that ginger , slightly rounded high pitched child'

' oh yeah, what a tomgill.'
by fishcake12345 December 15, 2009
Parts of a woman's anatomy on her chest that resemble a man's testicals
A girl walks into a bar . . .

Man 1 - 'Wow check out the rack on that!'

Man 2- 'Mate, look at them, they are all saggy and wrinkly!'

Man 1 - 'eww eww eww EWW! She has a pair of chesticals!'
by fishcake12345 December 15, 2009
A girl with a muff that shares resemblance to a bag
Person 1- I'll tell you what mate, last night i ragged that girls

brains out! I really stetched her wide!

Person 2- NICE! Just like a kfc bucket!

Person1- No, like a muff bag!
by fishcake12345 December 15, 2009