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An individual who loves veteran vagina, you know, the kind that hasnt had much loving for quite some time.
Franklin had a way with the women, especially the ones over 43 years of age...Thats why we dubbed him the Muff Duster.
by Stevie Y January 24, 2005
Jodie Foster(lezbo)
Jodie Foster is such a muff duster.
by poop jones December 25, 2003
The pubic hair that gets stuck to your upper lip after preforming oral sex on a woman with a hairy muff.
"I heard that Mike got a Muff Duster after eating out Teresa"
by Ehdersicboi January 10, 2013
A very, very, very short skirt.
All the girls in Power and Light on Saturday night were wearing high heels and muff dusters.
by lightsguy May 20, 2012
Some one who sleeps with women who haven't gotten laid in a long time. Possibly since the 80's.
"Rick's such a muff duster, he's at bingo picking up old chicks tonight."

"He's dusting muffs at weight watchers today."
by J.Teezy November 28, 2009

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