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A mudface is something that only a very sick or filthy woman would let you perform. The quintessential smut peddler's paradise. It involves showering a bitch's mush in shards of gooey shite, preferably with the velocity of a shart. Once applied, the woman leaves it to dry on her face before flaking it off like mud and using it to top a cappuccino.
Pascale "So are you gonna give me a mudface or what?"

Me "Umm, do we have to? Can't we just make normal love?"

Pascale "Are you gonna dump on my face or am i going to have to try and shart on my own face?"

Me "OK, here comes the dumper truck..."
by BB Smizzle May 22, 2008
When one's fake tan is so extreme it looks as if they were rolling in the mud and accumulated inches of mud on their face.

Holy Shit did you see Missy's mud face?

OMG that gal has a mud face.
by Carmen Santiago December 11, 2006

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