sophia the greek
shit man ur muddy
by nat November 09, 2003
Top Definition
Where The Codiene In Your Drank Is Very Thick.Houston Slang
Cup So Muddy Like A Hog Pen-J Dawg
by Yung Phat Pat June 22, 2010
A combination of dirty, dope, and any other synonym of sick.

The word to describe something that amazes you.

A bigger and better dirty.
Ew, his lyrics are too muddy for the radio!

The undefeated basketball team is muddy as fuck.

Yo did you read how muddy that poem was?

His footwork is so dirty. Nah his footwork is muddy
by Eazzzy-C December 28, 2010
when an alcoholic beverage is super-strong with alcohol and hardly any beverage.
Man, i went to this party the other night and they had the best drinks! I had a couple cups and was drunk off my ass! they must have been muddy as fuck!
by oopsie09 March 28, 2009
1. A term for someone whos dirty or has poor hygeine. similar to scrubby
2. An act that is considered foul
3. Someone who has low morals
1. "Have you seen him lately hes lookin totally muddy"
2. I cant believe she did that in a bathroom thats so muddy"
3. "How could he go out with her everyone knows shes muddy"
by Cc March 26, 2005
When you're face is looking a bit scruffy, your foundations cracked and your hair looks greasy. The humiliating realty of not showering for three days straight.
"You coming out today?"
"Nah... Looking bare muddy right now sorry"
by heavydirtytshirt May 19, 2016
Minnesotans are considered by Western Wisconsinites as "Mud Ducks". When Minnesotans cross the border after their bars close at 1 am, Wisconsinites consider it "muddy".
Around 1:15am, I took a sip of my drink, looked at my friend, Jayne, and said "it's getting really muddy in here!"
by bosshossgirl July 29, 2011
1.) A deragatory term used to refer to a person of multiple or mixed races.

2.) A term used in reference to a womans vagina being dirty or loose.

1.) Damn dude, your white, black, mexican, and portugese... Hella muddy.

2.) That girl is so muddy I can smell it from here.
by DayVuhd January 30, 2007
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