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1!)One who interminably rises to all inevitable occasions(situations, whether unique to similar, deeming or seeming historically reoccurring and prone to this individual) while wholeheartingly disregarding all risks with a headstrong(fuck you) approach to excrement-showerings(when shit hits the fan continuously- and then some) and impossible obstacles. Solely, significantly and solemnly to seek, potentially obtain, Truth: believed to be the only means of survival and source of value.
2)(simpler yet degraded) Never give-up: Never surrender... Never back down-- 'let's do this'-- 'Step up'--'fuck it, I'm down for what eva'' (b) Never looking down even in the darkest of times; with an extreme contrary to the usual responses of difficulties-- as the level of difficulty increases so dose the sense of relaxation, confidence and yet eagerness to pull-threw
Lettering, littering…. It’s got me twisting

Here’s a proposal-- but what’s it to You?
You got the world in Yo Hands, though, please hea’ me through…

• I shot* my mind by aiming at the moon: it gravitated back down within me, pierced the skull to embed my brain… inertly burning beyond curing its’ inadvertent luring: reason
• Once-flooded heart-- now dried to the core-- give me another ‘n’ all do it all the more
• I got back up and shot* again-- this time aiming straight out: at a target about 90 degrees south… it sparked* and no sooner backfired: blinding all; including my third eye
• Wrung this heart for all it’s worth: milked its’ blood, now drunk with pure sorrow... and why?
• Trudged through a body with limits broken: all known by only men… Mud-raker

This Spirit’s all what’s left… deal me in Lord: Let’s ante-up!

*shot: burnt, destroyed/ (double meaning with) attempt
*shot: attempt
*sparked: hope

Believed to have originated in Vietnam; describing the reporters who risked their lives at all coasts just to obtain the truth and bring it back home to America. Keep in mind the key term as Mud-raker was potentially developed based upon the principal that many troops were forced in these circumstances(in no way am I demeaning their struggle or loyalty) though the reporters choose to trudge threw these situations which included marching in knee-to-waist deep mud(with the constant rain) and an some areas: feces—yeah, knee to waist deep excrement. This obviously caused many infections, deaths, diseases and sufferings of all kinds… there were recordings of troops drowning in shit because a motor-rounds landing near by and creating a huge creator which instantly sucked all those who were near by in and too deep in shit to be pulled out.
by S.W.K. aka: wafflez1697 July 31, 2008
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A consistency of shit that upon taking it, its foulness sticks to any substance it comes in contact with. The bowl requires multiple flushes to remove it, and when wiping you have to wad up the tissue paper and physically ‘rake’ / scrape it out from your crack.
That crap was so nasty, I really had to get up in there and dig it was a mud-raker.
by Dane February 27, 2005

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