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If your cock is 10 or more inches
Damn have you seen Steven!!!! He's got a Mud Dog
by Big Dick Samuri March 12, 2010
The dirtiest of dogs there is going around. Constantly trying to pull bitches with his charm and has earnt himself the name because of his drinking and ability to give fantastic blowies. Believes that down below is a foot long but only mud dogs grow to little chodes. Once a mud dog always a mud dog. An Irish icon
"Hey look its Mud dog sinking his Guiness!"

by Winston Kindells January 17, 2013
The act of receiving Anal then performing Oral.
"Yea, the bitch had a nasty face. Looked like she just tasted her first Mud Dog."

Trent: "Joe how was the date last night man?"

Joe: "I think it went well we went out for corn dogs and she was still hungry so I took her home, and tossed her the old Mud Dog".
by Trent & Joe November 05, 2007
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