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When a guy or girl is giving you a rim joband you diarrhea on their face.
While Niko was giving me a rim job I gave a mud bath.
by Niko Shel November 17, 2008
Mudbath is a phenomenon when one shits and pisses their pants at the same time. It was a term coined by TJ Jamieson and Jeffrey Young on Jeffrey's birthday. Since then, this term has been applied to many scenarios.
"Dude I drank so much beer I can't wait to mudbath all over myself tomorrow morning"
by goodgamesir October 23, 2008
When Two Homosexual Males practice the art of Soaking.
Nick was Morman so he only allowed Charlie to take a Mud Bath.
by DirtyCharlieKY April 01, 2011
To shit on someone(s), to be shitted on.
Who needs a golden shower? When a mud bath will last you the whole day!
by sef September 06, 2003
vaginal sex with a woman on her period
When she wants it, she wants it. Bring a raincoat to minimize post-mudbath scrubbing.
by Kazz January 10, 2008
when someone takes a shit on you for a joke or pleasure
my gf gave me a mud bath last night!
by shannon August 27, 2004
when some one has diarea and shits on your chest
we fucked hard and i had diarea and shit on her chest.
by john bailey November 02, 2004
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