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Used as a derogatory or racist term for an Asian, or a person of Asian descent. (Derived from a sound made by a South Korean woman after being hit in the back by a golf ball.)
Man 1: How the hell am I supposed to park here? This person's taken up 2 whole spaces!
Man 2:Probably a stupid muckma.

Man walking into a room full of asians: Hello MUCKMAS!
by chanman~ November 05, 2009
Microsoft, U Can Kiss My Ass.

A substitute for profanity to use when dealing with restrictive or buggy aspects of a Microsoft operating system software package. Frequently used by pro-Linux staff working in an Microsoft mandated IT department.
1. "Arg !! Another BSOD ! Muckma !".
2. "Corporate said we have to use IIS". "Muckma.."
by IT_Dude April 12, 2011
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