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I girl/women with a big booty that's about 70% better then Bootylish and also is sexy as can be dogg!
Guy#1=Damn that bitch is the next Ms.New Booty!

Guy#2=Forsure dogg I would tap that anytime!!!
by wildcat4eva09 August 22, 2006
1. Bubba Sparxxx's popular rap
2. A product sold during Bubba Sparxxx's music video
3. A girl that used to have so-so booty, but then got it "ripe, right, and tight"
1.When I returned from vacation, the girl next door was no longer just "Ms. Thang," she was Ms. New Booty!

2. "Thanks Bubba! I love my new booty!"
by SWFC August 30, 2006
someone with a nice ass, which you didn't expect.
I was walking down the street and saw a skinny white girl, but she was a total ms. new booty
by Caitilinnay October 05, 2006
1.) a way to shake ya booty betta
yo she has a ms new booty and she does it good
by pimpaholic May 13, 2006