A name for someone who is superior to God, This person has the ability to do anything better than any person/being in the universe, and those not in the universe. this person can not be a female, and has a an abnormally large penis,He was best friends with Jesus and batman. and He is the manliest being of all. this person has been proven to be better than a Csupreme.

A Mr.Fluffums has been proven to be superior to Chuck Norris and Jet lee.
Csupreme: I'm the best in the world?
Person 1: Really?
Csupreme: Yeah!
Mr.Fluffums: I beg to differ!
Csupreme: Holy shit, It's a Mr.Fluffums!
Person 1: Wow squidward, you're so stroong!
by Mr.Fluffums February 15, 2009
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