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President of the Lottery Peeps cartoon characters. Anyone who feels like a million bucks. The man with the plan for unprecedented success.
Mr. Millions is the person who is lucky in life.
by Mr. Millions Lottery Ball December 01, 2011
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Maximilian Thom is a very attractive male. He is most commonly known to have glossy black curls piled on top of his head, a freckly nose, and the softest lips in the whole world. In his spare time, Max would like to look up soccer news, and research random things on Wikipedia. Maximilian has a kind heart, and loves helping people. He encourages diversity and enjoys being an Obama supporter. Mr. Million is definitely a number 1.
Wow, that must be my Mr. Million if he's looking that fine today.
by Whiteandbluee July 23, 2009
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