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Mr. Me Too is a slang coined by the hip-hop group, The Clipse. The Clipse defines Mr. Me Too as: the person that sits there and examines your style and takes a piece of it. It addresses the competitive dude on the street who, when you get this or that they're like, 'Me too.' Essentially, they hawk your style.
Yo, call that cat Mr. Me Too, ever since I rocked the flat brims, he started on that tip.
by Jarvis to the March 23, 2006
1- Anything you say u got the other person saying,"Yea Me Too."

2- New Single by The Clipse Featuring Pharrell
You-I got a Benz

Mr.Me Too- Yea Me too
by twist708 July 04, 2006
A person who says "Me too" to everything you say. A phrase bought up "The Clipse" (Hip Hop group).

"I know what you thinkin why I call you me too
Cause everything I say, I got you sayin me too
I say I got a benz so you said me too
You hangin out the window so they can see you
But you ain't hangin out the window when you in that G2
Or that G3 or G4 like we do
Star Trak, clipse come on"
Pharrell - I just fucked your sister in the back of my Enzo, while rocking my new IceCreams!!!

You - Me too!!!!

The Clipse*rapping* - I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay we get it, yep yeah you too
I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay everybody meet Mr. Me Too
by Star Trak September 07, 2006
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