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Kickass puppet show on Nickelodeon, a network formerly known as Pinwheel. It takes place in a burger joint at a food court in Scaunchboro Mall. There are two main characters. Their names are Josh Redgrove and Parker Dinkleman. Parker is sooo funny. Their goal is to make a monster movie.
All God's creatures, fresh off the grill. So come on down to Mr. Meaty, where friends meet to eat meat!
by E. Man October 14, 2006
Mr. Meaty is a weird-ass show about ugly-ass puppets that work at a fast food resturant. The puppets are totally ugly. And the girl puppets are so damn creepy looking. In one episode, one girl had hert nose replaced with a rotting sausage that looked like a cock after her nose was destroyed. Pretty soon, food noses became the latest fashion.
Mr. Meaty is fucking full of guano.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
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