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1) The opposite of having "Big Brass Balls". Being timid, a lackey, a toadie, a sniveling suck-up. Someone indecisive, incapable of having their own opinions - will always agree with whoever's teat they're currently attached to.

2) May also give themselves an overblown nickname like "Lion-o", "Dragonheart", or "Hercules", as a direct opposite of their true nature and courage.
Mr. Jingles: "Let's go out and find some women!"

Any Man: "Yeah, sure Mr. Jingles. Whenever you want to stop acting like a little mouse and talk to one without me telling you what to say."

Mr. Jingles: "Whatever you say!"
by Leeroy_Jenkins! July 15, 2010
The pet mouse from "The Green Mile". It was killed by the nasty guard (percy wetmore) that wet himself, went crazy and committed suicide. John Coffey later brought the mouse back to life.
Look at Mr. Jingles, he does all kinds of tricks!
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
The worst movie in the entire world. The picture quality is the shittiest thing I have ever watched in my entire life.
"You're lamer than Mr. Jingles"
by Paula Abduel August 29, 2008
A name to describe a great ass. an ass you just want to chomp.
Girl 1: Hey man did you see Angie, her ass is a total Mr. jingles.

Girl 2: I know her ass is so awesome i just want to chomp on it.

by ciaobelle April 16, 2009
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