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A rodent like teacher that curls his hair backwards to achieve the goal of looking cool, but realistically just makes his hair look like a dumbass mullet wing. His daily attire includes collared striped shirts and black jeans , with a annoying key chain that makes douchy noise everyime he walks by. Talking like hes unsure about anything is what he does best, but not better than his spastic chicken walk. Most days he spends the lunch singing his favorite song "forever young", but of course he sounds like a queefing anal bead. His students refer to him as Mr. Dunce but he does not hear because his wings like hair blocks his ears. He sucks ballsack for dinner.
Kid : Hey look at Mr. Dunn walking over there.

Kid 2 : hahaha hes such a douche, look his wings flap when he walks.

Kid 3 : i expect him to start flying.

Kid 4 : what a dunnce.
by WINGSREPELLENT April 29, 2010
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