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A chronic masturbator who denies jerking off and is an opponent of chronic masturbation.
Mr. Bation: <knocking on door> HEY! are you masturbating in there?

Mr. Bator: Yea, just give me 10 more minutes.

Mr. Bation: You sick little perv, real men don't masturbate. Hurry up in there all this masturbation talk makes me want to rub one off too.

Mr. Bator: How about you do me and I do you?

Mr. Bation: Would'nt that make us gay?

Mr. Bator: Yes of course

Mr. Bation: Well I guess having you jerk me off is better then masturbating since I don't believe in masturabation.
by masturbataj January 21, 2010
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