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Ironic name for a tedious individual who believes himself to be the most interesting thing around. Mr Interestings tend to be fat security guards with ugly girlfriends. They drone on and on about the most inconsequential things and expect their audience to be rivetted.
Oh shit, here comes Mr Interesting.

And his repulsive girlfriend.

Let's run before they collar us. Once that boring bastard starts talking we can kiss goodbye to the whole fucking week.
by lumpbag May 16, 2009
A person who dominates the conversation to the point where he is talking to his own reflection, hours after everyone he was talking to has left
Hey you wanna leave?

Yeah why?

If i have sit through one more of mr. interesting's conversations, i am going to assassinate him, then kill myself. God He is boring the Fuck out of me.
by screwssogood March 05, 2015

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