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A fat, chubby cheek chipmunk. It usually hibernates along with it's Xbox 360 in the winter. It stores twinkies in it's hot dog rolls on its neck so it has food to eat through the Winter. When it awakens in the Spring it usually breaks into somone's house and rapes their couch and steals all their twinkies because it loves their exquisite taste. He has a demanding taste for the white cream in twinkies and often gets the male's productive organ, the penis, confused with twinkies and he loves their cream the most. In the Summer a Mr T Killer lays on a blacktop basketball court which makes gallons of sweat pour from its body. He then proceeds to harvest the sweat molecules and drink them. In the Fall it likes to take a shit in piles of leaves, so when the children go to jump in the leaves the Mr T Killer gets a chuckle or two.
"Jimmy someone broke in last night and messed up my brand new leather couch." -Timmy

"Oh yeah mine too Timmy. It's all over the news and the call it a Mr T Killer." -Jimmy

"It sounds like a fat ass!" -Timmy

"I agree Timmy, I agree." -Jimmy
by slayingopher November 03, 2010

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