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A taunt used to try and goad a sensible dude into an act of crass stupidity by suggesting his attitude is dull and straightlaced. Usually repeated ad nauseam in a high pitched shriek to try and wear the victim down.
Idiotic Dude: I've pissed in this glass, drunk it, then hurled back into the same glass. Down that!
Normal person: Fuck off
Idiotic Dude: Citizen! Mr Citizen! Won't drink my piss-chunder? What are you? Get it down you! Mr Citizen! Come on Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen!

Idiot: I know what woulod round the evening off perfectly. Let's break into the Zoo and fuck us a couple of baboons!
Idiot's friend: Don't be ridiculous, you'll get AIDS
Idiot: Citizen! Mr Citizen! Won't fuck a monkey coz he's scared of getting caught! Mr Citizen! Thinks he's going to get AIDS Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!
by The_Trill_LV October 12, 2013
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